About Me

I am a New Orleans native with a love for food and cooking. I strive to make flavorful and healthy food using mostly local ingredients as fresh as possible. I love to challenge myself in the kitchen and hope to help you make some memorable food experiences.

I started my personal journey to a healthy me in 2007 by committing to a lifestyle that included balanced eating and exercise. Through my own weight loss journey, I learned a lot of tips, tricks and tools to achieve true transformation and have kept the weight off. As a result of helping others over the years through my learning, I started blogging to help people get back to the basics with cooking tips and healthy living resources. Every health journey is different, but finding ways to enjoy the journey is half the battle.

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  1. Sherry Welch says:

    Looks delicious! Please don’t forget to come by and visit the ASF staff when your in the Alexandria area, we are looking forward to sampling the good! SW

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  2. Sherry Welch says:

    It looks delicious! Make sure when your in the Alexandria area to come by ASF there are several of us that are wanting to sample.

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  3. Linda Matthews says:

    Thanks, for coming to LSU Health Mid-City with the Farmer’s Market. That salad you did with the fresh vegetables was delicious. I’ll be visting your web site for some more delicious recipes. Keep them coming.


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