Inspired Brunch

I thoroughly enjoyed cooking this Saturday at the Red Stick Farmer’s Market this weekend. I decided to expand a pickled onion and strawberry salad I created last strawberry season and and a sweet potato and sausage hash done in an “Inspired” way. 🙂 I decided to make a sweet and sour pork sausage with a…

Seafood Salad

  Seafood is an easy go-to in my book and with so many flavors that can be added to it, what’s not to love? In observance of the Lent season, I wanted to offer up this quick 10 minute dish that is both flavorful and filling. It refrigerates well and is wonderful with mixed greens….

Veg Forward Meals

  I decided to cleanse my palate with a couple vegetarian dishes this week and decided on a chickpea and millet salad with an array of sliced veggies in a citrus vinaigrette. This dish took 20 minutes to make and will hold up well in the fridge this week. I decided to use canned organic…

A Bit Of Light

Looking for a light and quick meal? Check out this 10-minute dish that is sure to please.

A Bit Of Green Onion Sausage

Sausage is a great addition to any dish. Check out two dishes with one ingredient that taste great and are easy to make.

A Bit Of Peaches

Enjoy summer peaches as a snack or as a flavorful and easy addition to a summer salad.